Himalayan Salt Bricks & Tiles

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Style: Bricks
Size: Single
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  • Himalayan Pink Salt Bricks are made with pure Himalayan crystal rock salt.
  • Salt bricks help Decorate the walls of your home and workplace.
  • Install it anywhere in your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere.
  • Salt bricks improve the melatonin hormone for sound sleep and Enhance mood.
  • Salt bricks cleanse and detoxify the air of your surroundings.
  • Himalayan salt bricks are available with ideal economy packs for extensive salt projects like building therapeutic salt rooms, home improvement, making meditation spaces, and much more.
  • Salt bricks have countless health benefits, which make them fit to make salt saunas and salt therapeutic rooms.
  • The salty air produced by these bricks improves overall sleep patterns and breathing conditions, balances pH levels fights off allergies, and much more.
  • Their stunning color scheme and marble texture make them fit to make fancy entrances, fireplaces, main walls, kitchen interiors, and others.
  • The incandescent nature of the bricks lets the backlight pass through them and gives a warm amber glow.
  • Salt brick has dimensions of 8"(L) x 4"(W) x 2"(H).
  • The net weight of the salt brick is 5.5 pounds.
  • FREE SHIPPING is available within USA.

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