Himalayan Salt Tiles 8x4x1

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  • Himalayan Salt tiles are made by shaping huge rock salt blocks of Himalayan pink salt. Salt tiles are blocks of pink salt, but because they contain specific dimensions, we have named them "Salt Tiles."
  • These salt block dimensions are designed for multiple purposes: cooking, serving, foot detox, and extensive construction.
  • Salt Tiles have less thickness, making them perfect for healthy home improvements like making salt panels or walls, fireplaces, bathrooms, etc.
  • Pink Salt Tiles help to add an aesthetic value to the interior with their illuminated amber look.
  • Because they contain essential minerals and generate specific ions, salt tiles create a healthy environment and thus are used to make therapeutic salt rooms and meditation spots.
  • Himalayan salt tiles purify the air by filtering out harmful particles, dust, pet dander, mold, etc., from the surroundings.
  • Like saline sprays, the salty air clears the airways and improves overall breathing conditions.
  • The salty air also reduces flu, sneezing, and common cold symptoms by preventing harmful particles from entering the lungs.
  • They are incredibly durable and require relatively less care.
  • They have user-friendly dimensions of 8"(L) x 4"(W) x 1"(H).
  • They weigh 2.9 Pounds.
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