Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate - 12" x 8" x 1.5"

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Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate is a unique item for the Kitchen. It has different shapes and dimensions. When we mined raw material of Himalayan Pink Rock Salt, we craft it into a standard size to cook on. This salt cooking plate has the standard size for cooking. The cooking experience on the Salt Cooking plate prevents food from overcooking fast. It is now very popular to use it for cutting, grilling, baking, and serving a variety of food including meats, fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, scones, baked goods, etc. Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate distributes the heat evenly throughout the surface of the plate and cooks food relatively faster. There would be an addition of salt in the food but it will not make your food very salty, but give you an amazing and unique flavor.


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