Animal Mineral Salt Lick Block - 4-6 lbs

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Salt is essential for Animals for growth as well as a healthy, functioning body. Himalayan Salt helps animals to strengthen immunity to combat diseases.

Himalayan Salt is the best natural and organic resource to intake minerals that animals required. Licking Salt block gives minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, and sodium.

Why should Animal Lick Salt Block?

Here are few points that are good to know which will tell you why animals must lick salt block;

Strengthen the Immunity

Licking salt block contains 84 essential minerals, which are needed for the growth of the animal body and its productivity. This mineral rock salt helps animals to become able to combat diseases.

Increase Milk Yields

Intake of salt by licking block helps in enhancing the ratio of metabolic process in cattle's body, which in return gives energy and yields more milk.

Increase Intake

There is an appropriate sodium level in Himalayan Pink Salt as compared to regular table salt. So, Salt Lick helps to keep support pH levels and electrolytes in food. So licking Himalayan salt blocks will be a healthy addition.

Increase Weight

Himalayan Pink Salt is filled with minerals that help in developing and maintaining strong bone structure. Regular use of this salt results in muscle development and weight increase.

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